Types of Sleepers and Needed Pillows for neck pain

The human body needs to be in the most relaxed position while sleeping and if this does not happen; your body is going to bear the brunt of it someday or another. In order to get the best sleep, your bed needs to have the best mattress as well as the best pillow. These two things come together to give you the best sleep and keep you away from issues like neck pain.

Neck pain is often directly linked to the kind of pillow used and if you, your wife or any other family member have been complaining about neck pain every now and then, you may want to take a look at your pillow and check whether your pillow falls in these categories. Types of Pillows suited for neck pain

For those who sleep on their back

If you fall into this category, you need a pillow that is not too thick. A pillow is meant to keep your head in a neutral alignment, so a thinner pillow will be able to keep your head in such a position that your head is not thrown into the forward direction. If you feel the need of some extra support for your neck, you can tuck in a rolled-up towel or even a pillow under your neck for best results.

For those who sleep on their stomach

Generally, the people who sleep on their stomach do not even use their pillow much throughout the night. But just to be safe, you need very thin and flat pillow. If you do not use a pillow for your head, you may want to stick the pillow under the stomach so that you never suffer from further issues like back pain. You must know that this sleeping position is generally not recommended as it puts a lot of stress on the neck. But if you find it really hard to change the position, consider using an extremely flat pillow and for best results, no pillow at all.

For those who sleep on their side

People who sleep on the side tends to have a bit of space between their ear and the respective shoulder. So, a thick pillow which is also quite firm is best suited for all the side-sleepers. A higher pillow will be able to keep the neck and the head aligned. If you want to add some extra support for the spine, you can rest your arm on a pillow or tuck in a pillow between your knees.

Wrapping up..

Now that you know the various types of pillows suitable for issues like neck pain, you can check if your pillow is okay. If not, you need to go shopping for a new one right away. Keep in mind that a very high or very firm pillow never allows the neck to relax completely while sleeping. On the other hand, a pillow that is too flat or too soft may put a lot of strain on your neck.

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