How to choose the best pillow for neck pain?

Neck pain can be one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. This is something that can keep you bothering throughout the day. There’s almost nothing you can do except popping those painkillers all day long. Exercising helps a lot in keeping the pain at bay but you will never be able to make the ache go away completely unless you start at the root of the issue- the kind of pillow you use. As crazy as it sounds; if you are not using a suitable pillow, you are likely to have issues like neck pain. To choose the best pillow for neck pain here are a few suggestions-

Examine the stuffing carefully

There are a lot of options when it comes to pillow fillings. We have got all types from foam, memory foam, latex, wool, cotton, feather, and down. High-density foam is best as it will not break down as often as low-density foam. Memory foam is known to reduce all the pressure points and they come in different shapes from S-shaped to D-shaped. But memory foam tends to make you hot and also emit a kind of chemical smell.

Latex pillows are very firm, probably the firmest pillows you can get your hands on and they are known to be quite helpful in neck pain or back pain issues. Wool and cotton pillows are quite firm as well and they are known to resistant to mites and mold. Feather and down pillows are one of the most preferred pillows because of their squishiness. You can adjust the filling of these pillows according to your need.

Consider on your sleeping position

An extremely flat pillow is recommended if you sleep your stomach, while a pillow that is not too thick and neither too thin is recommended for all the people who are used to sleeping on their back. For the people who like to sleep sideways or on their sides, a pillow which is thick and which is quite firm is best suited.

It is very important to consider your sleeping position as the position can directly affect the amount of stress that is applied on your neck. The best pillow will be able to keep your head aligned with your shoulders, thus reducing the stress on the neck.

Try it out before you buy it

Many stores allow you to try out pillows and mattresses before you buy them. You can lie down on a bed with the pillow you like under your head and try lying in the position that you generally sleep in. No matter how shy you feel, you must definitely do this. If the store does not allow you to lie down, you can always use a wall like a bed, stand in a position that you sleep in and put the pillow against the wall. Now all you have to do is lean against the pillow and ask someone whether your neck tilting. If your head is completely in line with the spine, you are good to go.

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